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Building the Business Case

With many Web development software packages and online services available, the benefits of having a professionally developed Web site might not be all that obvious. Initially, many small business owners opt to develop their site in-house, using off-the-shelf software, only to discover later that building a successful and profitable Web site requires time and specialized skill sets that their organization does not have.

The following are several key benefits of outsourcing your Web development projects to a professional:
  • Greater Flexibility
    A professional developer can analyze your business to make the most appropriate suggestions for your business' specific needs. The developer can then implement matching solutions using industry standard technologies.

  • Technical Expertise
    Even with the most robust, feature-packed Web development software packages available today, there is a tremendous learning curve involved in developing a technically sound Web presence. A professional developer will stay abreast of current technology trends to ensure that your Web site loads quickly and is accessible across a wide range of platforms.

  • Time Savings
    Web development is very detail-oriented work that requires time resources that might not be available to your small business or organization. Outsourcing your Web development projects to a professional developer will allow you to focus on what's most important to you - your business.

  • Integrated Marketing
    Too many small businesses fall victim to the "build it and they will come" philosophy. A professional developer will integrate proven marketing techniques into the Web development process to ensure that sites receive targeted traffic and generate leads or sales.

  • Improved Aesthetics
    A professional developer can analyze your existing promotional materials and integrate these elements into a coherent design for your business' Web presence. This allows for a more custom marketing presence than can be obtained by using templates included with off-the-shelf software packages or online services.
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