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The InfoServe Media servers offer a full suite of Internet and application services that makes the deployment of Web sites quick, easy, and profitable.

High Reliability and Low Administration

Underpinning the InfoServe Media servers' quality is the tight integration of open-source software and focused hardware design, providing the high reliability and reduced support costs that result in fast profitability for Web-based businesses. The servers also includes built-in software tools and automated monitoring programs that minimize the need for ongoing system management and support efforts, all of which greatly reduce the cost of site management and hosting.

Developer Benefits

The InfoServe Media servers support leading development environments, giving customers everything they need to develop and deploy their Web applications. Unlike other Web application servers that tightly link the development environment to the server, the InfoServe Media servers let you choose from a wide variety of development tools including Microsoft FrontPageŽ, NetObjects Fusion, and more.

Features Benefits
Standard File Transfer Protocol
All files, from a single text article to a full web site, can be easily transferred to or from the server using FTP.
PHP and Perl CGI Support
Enables application and web developers to build and maintain dynamic Web applications.
E-mail Services using industry standard POP, IMAP, SMTP protocols
Services include mail accounts for each domain, automatic vacation responses, automatic forwarding and group mailing lists. These services can be managed by the client.
Virtual Domain Support
The servers offer name-based virtual domains (shared IP address for multiple domains) or IP-based virtual domains (unique IP address for each domain).
Web Serving
The servers offer integrated support for HTTP/1.1, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and Perl scripting.
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