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Copying files
You can use the Copy File function to copy a file into a different directory than its 
current location. This is very useful is you need multiple copies of the same file in 
different locations. You can also copy files as a backup before changing them.

1  To access the FILE MANAGER, see

You have two options.

a.) You can find the folder in the pane on the left and hold down the  key on 
your keyboard as you drag the file to the new folder with the mouse.

b.) Or you can Click on the icon next to the file you wish to copy, then click 
the "Copy" icon, then type the name of the folder that you wish to coy the file to into 
the box provided.

See also, the flash demo at


Trying to copy a file into a folder which already contains that file may cause an 
error. Also, note that the list of folders begins with / , not your current folder.
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