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Adding FTP accounts

You or your fellow site developers may need to transfer files from a computer to 
the computer that contains your web site. If you need to transfer many files, using 
an FTP client is the quickest way to accomplish this. In the FTP Manager, you can 
create FTP accounts, which allow users to access the files of your web site with 
an FTP client.

1  To access the FTP Manager, see

2  Click on FTP Accounts.

3  To add an FTP account, click on Add FTP Account.

4  Enter the username for the new FTP account in the blank field next to Login:

5  Enter the password for the new FTP account in the blank field next to Password:

6  Enter the directory which the account will have access to in the blank field next 
to Directory:

NOTE: Enter / in this field will give the user access to /public_html/ and all 
subdirectories of /public_html/ for your account.

7  Click on Create to create the new FTP account.


NOTE: If the account was created, the following will appear (except user will be the 
username you have provided for the new account, and password will be the 
password you have provided for the new account) :

FTP Account Added! 

The FTP account user with password password was added.


Make sure to use usernames that are compatible with the FTP client that the user 
will be using to login to their FTP account.
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