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Image Scaler
The Image Scaler allows you to change the size of an image on your site.

1 To access the Image Manager, see

2 Select the Image Scaler Link

3 Navigate to the image you wish to modify, and click on its name to use the 
Image Scaler.

4 Select the new size of the picture by changing either the dimensions or 

5 To keep the same height vs. width ratio on the picture, make sure the box next to 
Keep Aspect Ratio is checked.

6 To save a copy of the image before it is changed, make sure the box next to 
Retain a copy of the old image as is checked, and a file name is placed in the 
blank field next to those words.

7 To save the changes, click on Scale Image.

To reset any changes you have made without saving them, click on Reset 
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