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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - E-mail Management:  Spammers Using My Domain to Send SPAM (Spoofed E-mail)
Spammers will sometimes "spoof" legitimate e-mail addresses as the "From" e-
mail address to send their spam. (Anyone can set up their email to make it 
appear to come from any domain they choose to type in.)

Any bounces or remove requests will go back to the legitimate "spoofed" address. 
These are almost always temporary campaigns that the spammer has set up, 
and they are likely to dissipate within several days.

However, many times the effects of these "spoof" campaigns will be exacerbated 
by catchall or default addresses on the spoofed domain that will receive ALL 
bounces, error messages, etc. that stem from the spoofed messages. It is 
strongly recommended to turn of all catchall addresses on the affected domains 
as soon as possible.
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