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Domain names can be registered and renewed through different companies 
(registrars). Some unscrupulous registrars will contact clients of competing 
registrars to pursuade the clients to renew their domain names through their 
company. However, in order for a domain name to be renewed through another 
registrar, it must first be transferred to that other company. 

The transfer process involves a series of e-mail confirmations sent to the domain 
name registrant, the losing registrar, and the gaining registrar. The confirmation 
process can often take several days (sometimes up to several weeks), and the 
end result is often frustration at the additional time spent transferring the name to 
the new company. 

In addition, if a domain name is up for renewal, it cannot be 
renewed at the gaining registrar until the name is fully transferred. If it expires 
during the transfer process, all Web site functions, databases, and e-mail 
functions that are tied to the domain name will stop immediately on the domain 
name's expiration date. These functions can only be restored after the domain 
name has been transferred to the new registrar and subsequently renewed with 
that registrar.

Unless the service received from the current registrar is not satisfactory, it is 
usually recommended to just renew the domain name with the company you 
first registered it with. Renewing with the current registrar will eliminate any risk 
and frustration involved in transferring to a new registrar.
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