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Knowledge Base:  Domains - Renewals:  Web site, E-mail, and Database(s) are Down
Check the WHOIS records for the domain name here: 

In this situation, if the domain's status is "REGISTRAR-
domain has expired. All Web site, e-mail, and database functions that are tied to 
the domain name will not work.

Once a domain hits its expiration date, the following things happen:

1. The domain has a "temporary auto renewal" made to it by most registries. This 
will temporarily extend the expiration date of the domain name, but the domain 
name registrant must renew the name within 40 days to reclaim it.

2. The domain is put on Hold (either a CLIENTHOLD or a REGISTRAR-HOLD) by 
the registrar in order to take the domain offline and give some indication to the 
domain owners that a renewal needs to be attended to since it wasn't made 
before the expiration date.

3. The domain is held for a duration of around 40 days, after which point the 
registrar submits a request to DELETE the domain to the Registry. The domain 
name must be renewed during this time to avoid being deleted.
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