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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Builder:  Using the Quick Start Wizard

When you login to Site Builder for the very first time, you will be taken through 
the "Quickstart Wizard". This comprehensive wizard enables you to build a basic 
framework for your website in a few minutes, and involves few easy steps. 
Remember that the Quickstart Wizard is available only when you login for the very 
first time to build your website. Once you complete the Quickstart Wizard, from the 
next login, you will be taken directly to the powerful Website Manager, which 
allows you to add more pages and/or modify and add content to existing pages.

2.1. Choosing the design Category for creating your website

Just click on a category that you think will be closest to the category that your 
business or website belongs to. You will then be shown the design templates that 
pertain to this category.

2.1.1. Advanced Search for finding your design template

If you can't find the category you are looking for then click on the "Advanced 
Search" link which is available in the top right corner of the screen, to find the 
template that match your search. As you can start search by choosing different 
colors from the "Colors in the template" option and preferred images 
from "Images in the  template" option.

2.1.2. View All design templates

If you can't find the category you are looking for then click on the ‘View All Designs’ 
link which is available in the top right corner of the screen, to display all the design 
templates available under these main categories of "Personal & Family Related"  
or "Business & Professional" headers.

2.2 Choosing your website design / template

You can choose the website design template that you would like to have on your 
website. There are several pages of design templates with more than 400 + 
design templates to choose. You can just mouse-over on any of the design 
template to enlarge and you will also be able to choose color and preview on the 
mouse-over design templates.

 Adding Pages in the Quick Start Wizard 
You can now start adding the pages that you want to have on your website. To add 
a page, simply click on a "View popular page names" which will list you categories 
of Page name appears on the left of the page. You can choose page names from 
the Business page names or from the Personal page names. Once you click on 
an "Add" option with respective to the Page name, then the pages will be added to 
the topmost empty slot. You can repeat this until you have added all the pages you 
want to have on your website.
In case you want to add a custom page name or if you want to rename a page 
name that you have included already, then you can do this by simply clicking on 
the specific page name slot on your right and typing in the name of your choice 
using your keyboard.
Please note that depending on the pack that you have signed up for, you can 
always add more pages later. You can also rename or delete pages any time later.
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