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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Builder:  Edd/ Edit Website Footer
Website Manager allows you to Add/ Edit Footer Content with rich text content 
along with images.
Note: The maximum size of the image that can be uploaded cannot be more than 
300 KB
To Add/ Edit Footer, just select the Edit Website Footer link in the Website 
Manager Page.
So it will redirects to the above page, What you see above is a WYSIWYG (what 
you see is what you get) Rich Text Editor that works the same way as your 
Microsoft Word or similar applications work. Using this feature-rich editor, you can 
Add/ Edit Footer with rich text content for your website. You can either type in the 
web page content, or even copy & paste the content from Microsoft Word or other 
similar applications or even from a web page. For more help with the Editor as in 
table properties, text formatting properties etc please click on the "Help" icon 
within the Editor window.
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