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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Builder:  The Online Image Editor - Crop / Cropping images
The Crop operation lets you cut or crop the image leaving only that part of the 
image that you want to retain. Please note that you can only select rectangular or 
square portions of the image.

How to Crop:

Step 1: Decide on which rectangular or square portion of the image you want to 
Step 2: Use the mouse to drag an outline of the area you wish to keep (click the 
left top corner of this imaginary rectangle and drag to the lower-right, keeping the 
mouse button pressed.)
Step 3: With the mouse button pressed, drag the mouse diagonally down to the 
bottom right corner of this imaginary rectangle. Release the mouse button only 
after you reach the bottom right corner.
Step 4: As you release the mouse button, a rectangular box with Cyan border 
appears. Only the part of the image which falls inside this rectangle will be 
Step 5: When you are convinced that the rectangle/square box is the portion that 
you want to crop then click 'SUBMIT' to proceed.
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