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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Builder:  The Online Image Editor - Resize / Resizing your image

The Resize operation lets you increase or decrease the dimensions of the image 
based on the width and height values that you type in. Note the picture quality will 
likely be reduced if you enlarge the image significantly.

This new version or Site Builder allows you to enter a percent, so the calculations 
below may not be neccessary. 

How to Resize: 

Step 1: Enter the values for the Width and Height to which you want to resize the
Step 2: Click 'SUBMIT' to proceed.

The demo shows how this is done

To keep the proportions, (as shown in the demo) so the image is not 
stretched or squished calculate as follows:

The original width (X) was 807. But we want the image to be 640 pixels wide (Y). 
And we want the new height (N) to be proportional. 
So divide 640 by 807 then multiply that number by the original height (Z).

640 ÷ 807 = .79306... and .79306 x 749 = 594


(New width ÷ Old Width)*Old Height=New height
(New height ÷ Old Height)*Old Width=New Width

Note: the field only accepts integers, so you will have to round off to the 
nearest whole number.

Note: Normally enlarging images reduces their visual clarity.
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