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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Builder:  Embedding Video Clips into the Site Builder
To embed .mpg, .avi, or .wmv video clips into the Site Builder:

1. Open the Site Builder. From the Page Manager screen, click the Edit link for the 
page you want to insert the code into. This should pull up the Add/Edit Content to 
the Website page.

2. Click the Link button at the top of the page. Select the "Your Files" option, and 
then click Browse to locate the video file on your local computer. Then click 
Upload. After the file is uploaded, then close the Edit Link window.

3. You should now be back at the main editor screen. Scroll down to the very 
bottom of the Add/Edit Content to Website page. Then click the HTML checkbox in 
the lower, left-hand corner. This will display the HTML code for that page.

4. Although much of the HTML code might not be readible to you at first, you 
should be able to read the text of that page. Or make yourself a placeholder. Now, 
by reading the text, just find the part of the page you want to insert the video into. 

5. Paste the following code into the HTML:

6. Replace the URL in the SRC="" line 
in the above code with the URL to the file you uploaded in Step 2.

7. Click the HTML checkbox in the lower, left-hand corner again. You should now 
see the formatted version of the page with the video placeholder embedded in the 

8. Click Submit, and then approve the page as you normally would. You can view 
the video after publishing the site.
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