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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Editor:  Upload a PDF File And Create A Link To It
To insert a link to a PDF (or any other file) in a text page, you first have to upload it, 
and then tell the system where to make the link.

1. To do so, highlight the text you want to make a link out of (e.g. "Click Here for 
2. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon (second row in the text editor, looks like a single, 
silver chain link). 
3. Click Browse Server, and then select the folder you want to upload the PDF to. 
4. Click Browse at the bottom of the next screen, find the PDF file on your local 
computer, and then click Upload. 
5. Then click the name of the PDF you just uploaded, and it should pop that URL 
into the Link pop-up window. 
6. Then just click OK. 
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