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Please note, that this entire section of Admin->Settings is only visible after you 
click one of the “Show Advanced Options” buttons.

Some Add-Ons can install extra Administration Tools, which then become 
available in this section of your Admin. 
Reload Add-ons (Advanced)
You should always use the Admin->Add-ons section to install and uninstall your 
add-ons. In some rare occasions, however, you may need to manually install or 
uninstall an add-on – for instance, when you are developing your own add-on. In 
this case, after you have manually uploaded/deleted your add-on, you need to 
warn Site Editor to reset its configurations. 
To do that, click on “Reload Add-ons”, select the type of add-on you would like Site 
to reload, and then click the “Reload” button.

Backup (Advanced)
Use this tool to download a backup of the backend MySQL database used in your 
site. You can choose to download a backup of all the tables in the database (good 
choice, if the database is used exclusively for your site), or only Site Editor-specific 
(better choice if your database is shared with other sites and programs). 
To create the backup, click on “Backup”, select the appropriate choice, then click 
on the “Backup Database” button.

this is not a complete backup of your entire Site Editor site!
To fully backup your Site Editor site, using your ftp client you should also make a 
copy of 
your site's entire directory, including all of Site Editor configuration files, and add-

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