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In this sub-section of Access you can create, activate, disable and delete users, 
enter and change all user information, as well as place users in groups.

Modify / Delete User
User Drop-Down Menu
Use this menu to select an existing user which you want to delete or modify. 

Modify Button
Once you've selected an existing user from the drop-down menu, click the “Modify” 
button, to change the settings and information for the user. The options you will 
have are exactly the same as those described under “Add User” below.

Delete Button
Once you've selected an existing user from the drop-down menu, click the “Delete” 
button to delete the user from the database. Before the user is deleted, you 
receive a confirmation warning.

Once you click “OK” in the confirmation dialogue, the user will be permanently 
deleted. This cannot be undone!  

Add User
The name the user will use for loggin in and identifying themselves. 

The password the user will use for logging in and identifying themselves.

Re-type Password
The password must be retyped here, to confirm it.

Display Name
The name that Site Editor will use to greet the user, once the user has logged in. 

The email address where the user can be contacted – messages sent by Site 
Editor to this user will be directed to this address. 

Group Drop-Down Menu
The areas, features and functionality of Site Editor that a user can access are 
by the group to which the user belongs. To place the user in a group, select the 
group from the menu.

To restrict the access of users to certain parts or functions of the site, create a 
group with the appropriate access restrictions, and then place the users in this 
group, as needed. By default, every installation of Site Editor has at least 1 
essential group, which cannot be deleted: “Administrators”.

Any user who belongs to the Administrators group has full access to all areas of 
the Admin, and can delete or modify everything in your site. 
The Administrators group by default has 1 user in it – the 'Administrator' user that 
was created when you installed Site Editor. 

Active/Disabled Buttons
You may wish to stop a user temporarily from logging into your site. Rather than 
deleting the user – which is permanent – you can simply disable the user here. 
Disabled users are not able to login, although all their details are still kept in the 

To allow a disabled user to log in again, simply make them active.

Reset Button
To clear all the information you entered, and start again from scratch, click here. 

Add Button
Once you've specified all the user's details as you wish, click this button to create 
the new user.

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