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Knowledge Base:  Design - Site Editor:  Creating a Message Board
If the Message Board module is present in your Site Editor, follow these 
instructions to add a message board to your site:

1. Add a new page with the Type set to Message Board.

2. Create one or more categories for the message board.

3. Create one or more forums per category.

3a. When you create a forum, you'll probably want to set the Topics Read drop-
down to Public and the Topics Write to Private. This will allow general visitors to 
read but not post and registered users can read and post when they are logged in.

3b. You can also set the entire message board page to only be viewable to logged 
in users. To do so, go to Pages, click the "Message Board" link, set the Visibility to 
Registered, and then check the Group you want to be able to view that page.
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