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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Securing E-commerce Transactions with Secure Sockets Layer Encryption
If you are running an e-commerce business, you need to secure transactions 
between your customers and your site. To prevent the valuable data, such as 
credit card numbers and other personally identifiable information from stealing, 
you should use the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, which encrypts all data and 
transfers them securely over the SSL connection. And even if someone intercepts 
the data for malicious intent, they will not be able to decrypt and use them.
To implement the Secure Sockets Layer protocol on your web server, you should 
purchase an SSL certificate from a reputable certificate vendor (these vendors are 
called Certificate Authorities), and then install this certificate on your site.
To enable SSL protection, you must host your site on a dedicated IP address, 
which is not shared among other web sites. Contact support for more information 
on about a dedicated IP address.
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