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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Protecting a Resource
To password protect a directory in your site and to specify authorized users:
1 On your Home page, click the domain name you need.
2 Click the Password Protected Directories icon in the Files group.
3 Click Add Protected Directory.
4 Specify the path to the directory that you wish to password protect.
This can be any directory existing in your site, for example: /private. If the directory 
that you would like to protect has not yet been created, specify the path and the 
directory name, and Plesk will create it for you.
5 Specify in what location (also called document root) your password protected 
directory resides or will reside. For example:
>To protect the httpdocs/private directory, type '/private' in the Directory name box 
and select the Non-SSL check box.
>To protect the httpsdocs/private directory, type '/private' in the Directory name box 
and select the SSL check box.
>To protect your CGI scripts stored in the cgi-bin directory, leave '/' in the Directory 
name box and select the cgi-bin check box. Make sure there are no white spaces 
after the slash symbol; otherwise, a protected directory will be created with the 
name consisting of white spaces.
6 In the Header Text box, type a resource description or a welcoming message 
that your users will see when they visit your protected area.
7 Click OK. The directory you specified will be protected.
8 To add authorized users, click Add New User.
9 Specify the login name and password that will be used for accessing the 
protected area. The password should be from 5 to 14 symbols in length. Click OK.
10 To add more authorized users for this protected resource, repeat the steps 7 
and 8.
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