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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Backing Up Your Account with Your Domains
To back up your account with domains:
1 Click "Backup manager" from the "Files" group.
2 If you want to back up and store the backup file on an FTP server, click the 
Personal FTP repository tab, then click FTP Account Properties to specify the 
destination FTP server if you have not done so yet. See procedure for more details.
3 Click the Backup Now icon in the Tools group.
4 Specify the backup file name and give a description to the backup file.
5 To create a multivolume backup, select the respective check box and specify 
volume size in megabytes.
6 Select the repository where you would like to store the backup file.
7 To save your account settings, select the Backup client information check box.
8 Select the domains to back up.
> To back up individual domains, select the corresponding check boxes in the list 
of domains.
> To back up all your domains, select the check box in the upper right corner of 
the list of domains.
9 Click Back Up Now.
10 The backup will start and the progress will be shown.
> To update the information on the screen, click Refresh.
> To cancel the backup, click Cancel and confirm the cancellation by clicking OK.
11 Upon completion of the backup process you will be shown a window 
displaying the backup results, including errors, if they were encountered. Click OK.
The backup file will be saved to the repository you selected, and will be accessible 
either from the FTP server, or from the location Home > Backup.
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