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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Switching off the Mailbox Service When You Have Decided to Turn Your Account into a Mail Forwarder
If you are going to use your existing e-mail account as a mail forwarder or mailing 
list, you are recommended to switch off the mailbox service: a mailbox keeps all 
incoming messages and messages are not removed automatically after being 
forwarded. Therefore, if you choose to have the "mailbox + mail forwarder" 
configuration on your account, be sure to clean up the mailbox from time to time.
To switch off the mailbox service for your account discarding all messages in 
your mailbox:

1 On your Home page, click the domain name you need.
2 Click the Mail icon.
3 Click the required e-mail address.
4 Click the Mailbox icon in the Tools group.
5 Deselect the Mailbox check box.
6 Click OK.
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