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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Protecting Mailboxes From Spam
To protect your mailbox from undesirable correspondence, do not publish your e-
mail address on Internet forums and switch on the server-side spam filter 
provided by the Spam Guardian.
Disposable Email Addresses:
When you need to publish your e-mail address, create a disposable e-mail 
address - e-mail alias - for your primary e-mail address, and publish it instead. All 
messages sent to the e-mail alias will come into your mailbox.
Once you start getting spam, remove that alias and create another one. If you have 
a mailbox at another domain or mail server, you may want to set up a disposable 
e-mail forwarder.
Do not read, reply, or "unsubscribe" from SPAM
We would advise that you do not read spam e-mails when you receive them, just 
delete them at once. Even if you have read them, do not respond to them and do 
not click those "click here to unsubscribe" URLs: spammers will then know that 
your e-mail address is valid and you will get even more spam.
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