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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Setting Up Spam Guardian
If you receive undesirable correspondence to an e-mail address that you cannot 
or do not want to remove, consider setting up a spam filter for your mailbox. To do 
this, if necessary, enable the Spam Guardian spam filter on the Plesk server (The 
Spam Guardian is set to "on" for new domains by default)

There are two user-adjustable threshholds for spam filtration. The first threshhold 
is for email that is probably not spam. The default setting for this is 4. It is called 
the "Tag" threshhold. If the Spam Guardian finds that an email has a spam 
likelihood of less than the tag threshhold, it will be considered good email (ham) 
and will be delivered normally.
The next level is the "tagged" level. The default setting for this is between 4 
(The "tag threshhold") and 6 (The "drop threshhold"). 
Any email that Spam Guardian finds to be between the tag threshhold and the 
drop threshhold, it will change the subject line to include the term ***SPAM*** (this 
text can also be changed by the user)
Mail with a spam score greater than the drop threshhold (6 by default) will be 

If you would like, you can set up your email software to move marked spam to a 
separate folder. Instructions are below.

To set up the Spam Guardian feature for the individual users under your account, 
please review this link:

To set up filter rules in your email software to move the spam.

Click to Set up a filter rule for Horde
Click to Set up a filter rule for Outlook Express
Click to Set up a filter rule for Outlook 2003
Click to Set up a filter rule for Mozilla Thunderbird
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