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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - Site Management System Plesk 9.x:  Creating a SPAM Quarantine with Spam Guardian

You can send spam to an email address if you would like, so you may physically 
check to be sure good email (HAM) is not mistakenly being marked as SPAM.
You can do this by setting up a special email address. You may want to call it 
quarantine (ie. quarantine@yourdomain.tld)

NOTE: SPAM Messages with a score above the drop engine sensitivity 
level are always dropped. Only messages between the tag level and drop level 
are sent to the quarantine mailbox.

Each email box can have the spam forwarded to this email address. Or for privacy, 
you can create an email address for each box.
See the procedure, below, to set up a new mailbox.

Then set Spam Guardian to move suspected SPAM to that address.
Be sure to check your quarantine box regularly so it doesn't get full.
For privacy, you may want to create a quarantine for each email address. 

  1. Log in to Plesk
  2. Create an email box if you don't have one already
  3. Click the Spam Guardian button
  4. Select the domain you wish to manage
  5. Click the wrench icon next to the email address you wish to manage
  6. Check the enable Spam Forwarding box
  7. Select the email address you wish to forward the spam to from the drop-down list
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