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Knowledge Base:  Hosting - E-mail Management:  Setting Up a Mail Redirect

A mail redirect will forward mail from one address to another. To set up a mail 

1. Log into the Control Panel, and then click the Site Management System icon.

2. Click the red link for the domain name you would like to set up the mail redirect 

3.  Then click the Mail button, and on the following page, click the red link for the 
account you want to redirect.

4. Click in the check box provided next to Redirects.

5. In the text field to the right, enter the appropriate address to which to forward 
mail sent to this mail name.

6. To change the redirect address for a given mail name, click on the existing entry 
in the Redirects box and change it to the new address.

7. Click the UPDATE button to enter these changes.
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